Have you ever thought about the size, height, and weight of Pokemon Go? Do you know what Xl and Xs pokemon go is? Don’t worry, we will tell you all the details about pokemon go Xs Xl in this article. Stay connected with us till the end!

We have been exposed to Pokemon Go for a long time, and we all enjoy playing it. People loved playing this game when it was released in 2016, and it was accessible on both Android and iOS devices. Nevertheless, there are times when we fail to pay attention to everything we see while playing a game, and when we do, we start looking things up online.

The same happened with Xl and Xs pokemon go, people are actually confused about what it means, is it related to the height and weight of Pokemon? Let’s learn more in this article!

Xl and Xs pokemon go – What does it mean?

As per the information we found, Xl means extra Large Pokemon and Xs means extra small Pokemon but we don’t think that their height in Pokemon actually matters. However, we know that the influence of large ones is always better so there must be something about the Xl and Xs pokemon go height.

As much as we are forced to think that Xl is better than Xs, we can’t deny the claims of many other users that the stats of their Xs pokemon was better than Xl. So you see? No matter which one you get, you can still do better with both pokemon go Xs Xl. If you want to learn more details then keep reading.

Is Pokemon go Xl weight or height?

People actually got confused between them but as we mentioned above, Xl means extra-large refers to the height of Pokemon. As per the sources, we have found that Xl pokemon are the best defenders while Pokemon Xs are the best attackers.

There is a debate about the effects of height and weight of pokemon, and whether they have any influence on the performance of pokemon or not. Read the next heading to know and if you think that it is true and you had anything to share about it then comment below to let us know.

Effects of Height and Weight of Pokemon:

The effects of Xl and Xs pokemon go height and weight on the performance of pokemon are not that clear. When the pokemon is in battle, it is said that the pokemon with the Overshadow power will reduce the Attack and Special Attack of any adversaries that are shorter than it.

When we talk about Pokemon go Xl weight or Xs weight, the base power of the moves Low Kick and Grass Knot is 20. They gain an additional 20 each time the target’s weight exceeds 10 (22.0), 25 (55.1), 50 (110.2), 100 (220.5), and 200 kg (440.9 lbs.).

When using the abilities Heavy Metal or Light Metal, a Pokémon acts as though it weighs twice as much or half as much as it does in the Pokédex, respectively. The base power of the moves Heat Crash and Heavy Slam is 120, and they lose 20 when the target’s weight is relative to the user’s weight. This is how the weight and height of Pokemon affect the battle.

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What do the users have to say about Xl and Xs pokemon go?

According to players, the Xl and Xs pokemon go might have some characteristics during the battle such as the XL Pokemon should have more health points while XS attacking Pokemon are faster (KP).

A user stated on Reddit that HP and KP have nothing to do with size or weight. Another belief is that XL Pokemon can deal more damage in combat and XS, on the other hand, is made to help Pokemon evade. For medal hunters, XL and XS-Pokémons might be intriguing as well.

We have noticed quite interesting that only a few Pokemon have the names XS and XL but they are not that much bigger, heavier, smaller, or lighter. For instance, Tauboss, who measures 1.04 meters, is a size XS, but the much smaller Meowth, who measures 0.44 meters, has no name.

Do you actually get a higher CP with XL Pokemon?

If you are wondering if your XL Pokemon has a higher CP, know that it is not true and as we have mentioned the Xl and Xs pokemon go details, you must have a clear idea about it. However, it is also true that sometimes, an XL Pokemon appear to have a higher CP.

It also makes sense right? The larger one has a little extra power, but we can’t deny the fact that other players also noticed that some of their XS Pokemon had better stats than some XL Pokemon.

Wrapping Up:

Pokemon Go has been around since 2016, and while we all enjoy playing it and discovering new Pokémon, many players have been curious as to whether the letters Xl and Xs actually have any special bearing on the performance of Pokémon.

We hope that after reading this article, you have a better understanding of Xl and Xs Pokemon Go. You can share this information with your friends who love to play Pokemon Go.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Are XL or XS Pokémon better?

Actually, a Pokemon with an XS or XL next to their height or weight doesn’t really mean anything special. XS indicates that the weight or height of Pokemon is unusually low compared to others and XL means the pokemon is larger than others.

Does size in Pokémon Go matter?

Not in the battle but only when you attempt to capture a Pokémon in the wild but the CP and base stats of the Pokémon are unaffected by its size.

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