Sneaker culture has become a global phenomenon, with enthusiasts seeking out the latest and greatest designs. The Air Jordan 4 is a sneaker that is classic and remains popular today. This has become one of the most iconic sneakers ever, beloved by sneakerheads and basketball fans. Its enduring popularity is a testament to the enduring appeal of its design, performance, and comfort. This iconic sneaker has remained popular over the years due to its unique design and performance. Its sleek, modern look has made it a fashion staple, while its athletic performance features have made it a favourite among basketball players. 

This article will explore what makes the Air Jordan a classic sneaker with modern appeal. From its innovative design to its comfortable construction, let’s look closer at the features that make this shoe a must-have for sneaker enthusiasts.


The Air Jordan 4 was first released in 1989 and its design was done by Tinker Hatfield. Its unique design features a visible Air unit in the heel and a plastic wing eyelet design. The shoe also features a plastic lace lock system to keep the laces in place, a new addition to the Air Jordan line.

The Air Jordan was originally released in four colourways: “White/Cement,” “Black/Cement,” “Fire Red,” and “Military Blue.” Each colourway had unique design elements, such as the speckled cement print on the White/Cement and Black/Cement colourways.

In the years since its initial release, this sneaker has been re-released in various colourways, collaborations, and special editions, including the popular “Bred” and “Cool Grey” colourways.


The Air Jordan was designed with performance in mind. The visible Air unit in the heel provides cushioning and shock absorption, while the plastic wing eyelets and lace lock system ensures a secure fit. The mesh inserts on the side panels allow for breathability, keeping the foot cool and dry during physical activity. This was also designed for basketball performance, with its sturdy construction and support. The shoe’s midsole is lightweight foam, providing comfort and flexibility without sacrificing durability.


The Air Jordan is not only designed for performance but also for comfort. The shoe’s upper is made from leather and mesh, providing support and breathability. The foam midsole also provides cushioning and support, making the Air Jordan a comfortable shoe for everyday wear.

In addition, the plastic lace lock system also ensures a secure fit, which can be adjusted to the wearer’s preference. The shoe’s tongue is also padded for additional comfort, making it easy to wear for extended periods.

Modern Appeal

The Air Jordan 4 has become a classic sneaker that remains popular today. Its unique design and performance features make it a favourite among sneaker enthusiasts and basketball players. This has grown in popularity recently, with new colourways and collaborations being released. The fashion industry has also embraced the shoe, with celebrities and influencers incorporating the Air Jordan into their outfits.

Jordan’s modern appeal is also reflected in its versatility. While originally designed for basketball performance, the shoe’s sleek design and comfortable construction make it suitable for everyday wear. It can be paired with various outfits, from athletic wear to streetwear and even formal attire.


The Air Jordan 4 is a classic sneaker that has stood for a long time. Its unique design, performance features, and comfort make it a favourite among sneaker enthusiasts and basketball players. The shoe’s modern appeal is reflected in its versatility and popularity among fashion enthusiasts. Whether for athletic performance or everyday wear, the Air Jordan 4 remains a sought-after sneaker that continues influencing sneaker culture today.

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